Sprocket Design-Build, Inc. has evolved into a premier, cross-disciplinary problem solver, offering design-driven architecture, engineering and construction services. Sprocket is one of a very few, vertically integrated firms in the country, whose work encompasses all phases of project planning and execution.

Since inception, Sprocket has designed and/or built over 185 projects tackling various urban and suburban land-use problems of various scales. Project types range from retail and office, to multi-family projects such as student housing and hotels. Our Team has extensive experience in the design of educational, religious facilities, libraries, and public safety. Sprocket has designed and implemented in excess of 400 different dwelling-unit types.

Focusing on solving specialized problems allows Sprocket to capitalize on architectural opportunities and create projects that complement each user and goal, elevating the building to a level above execution of simple types. Each project is approached with a goal and the examination of all factors that contribute to the outcome including land planning, resource and energy use and sources, as well as efficiency of construction and life-cycle costs.

The construction craft and implementation of new technologies is critical to the project team. Providing engineering and construction services as one unified company allows for a more efficient project delivery than the traditional development model. The complementary business and design goals as well as direct communication ultimately contribute to the successful execution of each project.